Confluence of Spheres

Captain's Log

Day 1

Dear Captain’s Log,

You have the pleasure to be written by Mopan of the House Jadewell. Just as this ship has the pleasure of becoming one of the newest members of the fleet of House Jadewell. I have permitted Captain Eolfin to retain his position and title as acting captain, as I have more important things to do than play administer to a ship. Though I, along with the Rat King Beezelbrox, have decided that the ship does need a new name. Given the momentous occasion of the relocation Rat King’s subjects, all the rats of Waterdeep, I have decided that the Gray Gull aught to be re-titled the Grey Exodus. The Rat King was studious enough to point out the necessity of changing the ‘a’ to and ‘e’ in ‘Grey’ so that we differentiate this lovely ship from the common riff-raff who would defile the Common Tongue with such egregious spelling errors. We consulted one of the sailors whether it would be more fortunate for our voyage away from, the doomed, Waterdeep if we renamed it immediately, to which he assured us that there is no such superstition that holds any merit among other seafarers. We will at least hold off on the renaming until Ebrik comes up with a suitable design for the lettering.

Once we convincedWillow that the Lady Silverhand could manage her own assassinations he finally agreed to board the Grey Exodus and we set sail. It is a shame that Exodus has such undisciplined slaves that it cannot manage to keep their oars out much longer than a mile out of port, but I guess that is what you get when you allow the common rabble to seek their own way. I shared these concerns with our newest companion, Bryn, who listens and nods errantly. His blank eyes and soulless smile remind me of home. I can tell you truly Captain’s Log, that I am not excited to return to the rest of the hollow nobles and their petty political games. Though it will be a great advantage to utilize the armies of Calimsham. I could clearly see the great oozing tree looming over city of Waterdeep off to the East as we sailed down the coast. I spend the majority of the day watching the coast for any stray vassals of the ooze at the prow of the Exodus. Bryn and Lady Blossom seem to be in a daze. I understand Lady Blossom‘s lethargy. Loosing one’s home, family, and being hung over are unfortunate events to cope with. Daken amused himself with pointing out every fish and gull along our voyage while the two Rat Kings scurry about the ship with their subjects. Hopefully the wind will be on our side for the rest of this voyage

Day 2

Dear Captain’s Log,

Today is actually the first day that I have written in you, as today is the first day I have taken time to acquire one of Ebrik’s spare books. Day 1’s entry can truly be considered a back post of events, but for posterity’s sake it must be included. I was plagued by horrid dreams of wading through the bureaucracy and courtly conduct that awaits me in Calimport when I try to rally the Caliph’s armies against this rising threat of the ooze. Luckily Cookie’s expertise at his craft never fails to make my mornings. I don’t know how he manages to always have a warm meal prepared for me when I awaken, but the Dwarf always does. I spent most of today filling out you and cycling through the traditional exercises of the Mountain’s Root Wrestling Academy. It truly been a while since I have given much care to cultivating my qi. Maybe that is why I have not been as dazzling in combat as usual.

A storm seems to be brewing outside. The crew scurries about the ship in a hushed vibe of concern. Reminds me of the thousands of rats that the Rat King keeps with him. Commoners and rodents. Father will be thrilled. Hopefully the Rat King will be able to control them as well as he claims he can. Much can be accomplished with such small additions to our spy network. Speaking of such, Cookie seems to be up to something… I will need to have a meeting with him. This storm doesn’t seem to be letting up, though it can’t be as bad as all that. Bryn seems to be loosing his lunch and nerve, but what can you expect from such low breeding.

Whoa, Captain’s Log. The Exodus was thrown about and was nearly thrown sideways. Though no such trick can surprise your author,Mopan. I deftly vaulted out of me seat, jumped off the wall, then landed as in the manner I used to when I used to wrestle in the gladiator pits of Calimport. Unfortunately Ebrik, Cookie, and Mjor are not as graceful and find themselves sprawled about my cabin. By the sounds of the screaming outside, it is time for Mopan of the House Jadewell to make an appearance.



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