Tiefling shadow monk who doesn't talk much


Abandoned as a child at a secretive monastery, Silence was raised in shadow. He watched the training every day and learned the techniques used by the martial artists with whom he resided. Many of his seniors were wary of teaching a tiefling, even a child. There was always one whom silence felt he could rely on, however. Cestii was known as the “Shadow Weaver”. She was always reclining in her seat among the other masters; seemingly, bored by the day-to-day operation and discipline of the monastery. She took it upon herself to train silence, often giving him difficult tasks. She would send him into the wood, to meditate, for days at a time, in order to have him practice his art on the wildlife that threatened to claim his life. She sent him on missions, often as a hired thug, protecting a helpless caravan as it traveled through the bandit infested valleys and roads.

“Artists flow like the ocean; calm and serene and beautiful, but vast beyond comprehension and deadly when the storm comes.” – Cestii, Shadow Weaver

Eventually, Silence decided he would leave the monastery. It’s time to seek out his own fortune. However, he is still awaiting the call of his master, the Shadow Weaver. His loyalty will not waver.
“Let the words unspoken be your
gift. Let the blade you weild be
the bearer of your name. Silence
is the language of god, all else
is poor translation.”

Silence inhaled deeply. Moving
nothing other than his diaphram.
The two days of chanting has,
certainly, taken its toll. He
is extremely malnourished,
sores are developing on his
His training takes him to the
darkest places, literally and

“You must empty your life of
everything worth anything. You
must know the deepest sorrow
and pain. You must know the
depth of your future deeds.
I will train you as my personal
tool and you will serve me
with absolute loyalty even
beyond death. In return, your
strength will become immense.
You will be able to obtain
anything you want with your
power, but your missions come
first.” Cestii walked in a large
circle around the seated
tiefling. “Stay.” She called as
she finished her path and
approached the exit.

The first day of training
led Silence down into a the
depths of a damp and dark cave.
For hours he was left to sit and
recite the same words over, and
over. The first day led into
another, and another. Finally,
Cestii returned. Silence, still
sitting in the same position,
looked like death itself was
just waiting to take him.

“Here…” Cestii tossed a small
box of rice over to the living
corpse of a tiefling. “at some
point, you have to take what
you want.”

Thus ended the first week of


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