Confluence of Spheres

Talking Style

...with Mopan and Dwalin


“I think I would chop him in the throat, then head-butt him when he leans forward to clutch his throat. How about you?”

“I’d get ‘em wit’ my axe.”

“…and him?”

“Wit’ the axe.”

“I think I would start out with the thousand palms techniques and then close-line him with the steely arm. What about the archer in the corner?”

“The axe again.”

“I would lure her into a false sense of security by buying her a drink and dazzling her with my smile, then throw the drink in her face. While she was blinded I would hip toss her and then finish her with a flying elbow off of the adjacent table. How about that man and his son?”



“Look, the axe always works. They don’t move after the axe.”

“You could at least head-butt one of them. Maybe step on their foot with those ugly shoes you have…”

“… the sharp end. Into their body. End.”

sigh “You remind me of my grandfather. Always just one move. I guess it works if you keep with it. The Smith’s Hammer is pretty legendary back in Calim Port. Still, it would be far more amusing if you mixed up the techniques a bit. Maybe striking with the butt of the axe. A nice paddling with the broad side…”


Hahahahahaha i love it.

Talking Style

haha awesome!

Talking Style

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