Confluence of Spheres


and it feels so good

I awoke surrounded by darkness. When I felt the pain in the back of my head I breathed a sigh of relief, I was still alive. Then the darkness of despair gave way to the light of freedom as my faithful friend Whiskers, the Faithful, aided in my escape from what appears to be potato sack. I couldn’t remember how I had gotten there. But with the help of Cookie and his delicious snacks I soon realized that Paige’s funeral had been attacked by a dragon, and being that dragons are no fools took out it’s greatest threat with a surprise attack. I knew I had to find my friends to see if they where safe, so Whiskers ,the faithful, and I immediately left for the village of Delimbrayn. If my friends were still alive they would know to meet me there.

After we arrived it did not take long to find Cheery’s house (the village folk were friendly, if a bit odd, but I suppose living under a death tree can do that). Whiskers, the Faithful, and I arrived heroically, dusted in the experience of the road, our feet caked in the mud of knowledge, our brows dripping with determination, our stomachs growling with anticipation of reuniting with our friends, and allowed myself to fall unconscious as a feint. When the coast was clear, I awoke myself, and found I had been placed in a large sleeping room I immediately began looking for whiskers, The Faithful, and found him in the dining room with four half-lings eating some cheese off a plate when they saw me whiskers, the Faithful, ran over happy to see me, the Half-lings introduced themselves as the Blossom family. The two older ones where Dagwood and Holly, but insisted on being called ma and pa, the younger ones where called Briar and Juniper. (who like being called Briah and Gin) They gave me food and I explained why I had arrived at their doorstep, they where visibly impressed by my many heroic deeds. Holly said Whiskers, The Faithful, and i could stay while we waited for our friends just as long as Whiskers, the, Faithful promised to stay out of the pantry. It didn’t take long before i saw them walk down the road. everyone was there, Bird (Who looked worried about something) I think I’ll call him Sparrow, yes, that sounds right. Mopan was as flamboyant and funny as ever always putting on a show to lighting my spirits in the wake of Paige’s death. Lin was as happy as ever to see me, (he hides it), though he opted to stay at the inn in town (He probably ran out of mead) and Cheery who now that I think about it hasn’t stopped talking she must be important, important people never stop talking, I interrupt to announce that dinner was ready and we would be happy have them stay with us.

After dinner Mopan, that silly guy, went off to town in just a grass kilt, hes so funny. It wasnt until morning that I realized I had been drugged by an unknown assassin, that coward killed some poor Tiefling in his bed and got blood everywhere. But I suppose its none of my business, we need to kill that tree and help the blossoms grow.


Hahahaha i hate your character so much its great hahaha


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